Here is our quick and fun video about how to make a simple forest den.

How to make this simple den:

  1. Get about 12 long and reasonably straight sticks and tie them at the top using the paracord from the Mighty Eagle Den Kit.
  2. Stake them into the ground so they cant move around too much.
  3. Weave vines or green sticks through the uprights. The more leaves the better.
  4. Add a few few finishing touches and climb in!
How to make a simple den

How to make a simple den

If you want to learn more about Den Making you may be interested in this item:

The Mighty Eagle Den Kit

The Mighty Eagle Den Kit

Den Making Kit

The Mighty Eagle Forest Den Kit, is a great hide away for an afternoon of fun with your kids. Dad’s make the best dens and now it is time to proove it!

The kit comes complete with camo netting which is UV and rot resistant, (just in case you want to keep the den up for a while…) More Info