A couple of months back I was fly fishing in a small Yorkshire stream. My wife called, so I climbed out of the river and took the call on the bank, so I wouldn’t drop my phone.

As I was sat there talking, a wasp landed on my hand and stung me – I jumped like an idiot, sending my iPhone flying into the river.

I just sat there stunned at my stupidity for about one second, then I sprang into action. I grabbed a long stick and rammed it into the river where I saw the phone go under to mark the spot. I stripped off, jumped back in and started searching with my feet. Using an ice fishing trick I used my jacket and hat to make a dark shadow on the surface so I could peer underwater like looking into a goldfish bowl. In water up to my chest I spotted the phone shining out like a beacon. Amazingly it was still on and I could quite clearly see “Call Failed” on the display.

I grabbed it, got back on the bank, took all the covers off and removed the SIM. I could visibly see the water creeping into the screen. I tried to call my wife, but couldn’t hear anything but noise. I turned the phone off, and cursed my stupidity. Water damage is not covered by many insurance policies, and certainly not under Apple’s warranty. My iPhone was brand new, I had only bought it two weeks before.

As soon as the iPhone was home, the research started. How do I dry out an iPhone? All of the methods were a bit hit or miss. I needed something that would work. So after a lot of research and a few experiments, I worked out my own method. The Dry-Phone is a product of that whole experience. My method was tested a week later, when my daughter dropped her iPhone down the toilet. I applied the technology and the techniques I had devised, and saved the device. Two devices saved, and the testing really began. BlackBerrys, iPod’s and Sony Ericson’s all ended up down my toilet, all were saved. We even dropped the Sony into salt water – which should kill any device straight away. It too worked fine after 24 hours.

Then just last week, a friend dropped her iPhone down the toilet. We left it for 16 hours before starting the process. I must point out that at this point it was completely dead. Nothing.

24 hours into the test, the phone started and was able to be backed up. Success!

We have tested The Mighty Eagle Dry-Phone and it works. Obviosuly we cannot guarantee that this will be the case all the time.

The Dry-Phone is a must have for anyone wanting a water damage insurance policy, should the worst happen you will be prepared.

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