Dry-Phone Instructions

Emergency Instructions for using the Dry-Phone.

Thank you for your purchase of The Mighty Eagle Dry-Phone.

The key to rescuing a phone is speed at getting it dry again. So don’t panic, it might still work if you do this:

Turn the phone off and don’t charge it until you are sure there is no more visible water on the screen or water droplets on the camera apertures.

Did you drop the phone in salt water? If so rinse thoroughly with clean fresh water.

Take any the covers off including screen films.

Wipe down with paper towels.

Remove the SIM card.

Use a vacuum cleaner (not hair dryer) to suck water out of the phone. Do this for about 20 minutes at the most.

While you wait for your Dry-Phone; surround the phone with paper towels, or uncooked rice. Turn it over every few hours to let any water drain out.

As soon as you get the Dry-Phone you may need to activate it by placing it in a microwave for two minutes on half power. Let it cool down for about thirty minutes.

Place the phone in the Dry-Phone pouch and seal in the bag provided.

Leave the phone for 24-48 hours in the Dry-Phone.

After 48 hrs, try turning it on. The battery may be flat, so try charging it. If it doesn’t make any noise when you connect the power leave it charging for two hours. Then try turning on. If it still doesn’t work try holding the top button and centre home button for 30 seconds to reset the phone.

If it works great – but you will may have a black screen (the screen is working but has no backlight) or there may be visible water in the screen.

Try running a back up to save your data.

Turn it off.

Use the vacuum again to dislodge any water and put it back in the Dry-Phone for another 24 hours.

If the phone is not showing signs of water damage you can continue to use as normal, but remember to place in the Dry-Phone whenever you aren’t using it. Do this for up to a week to completely dry it out.

If it still isn’t working, keep repeating the process until you are sure the water has gone. This could take up to a week.

If, after a week the phone isn’t starting, you have a corrosion issue and should contact your manufacturers or insurers for further information about replacements and parts.

Good luck rescuing your phone!