Summer Solstice Sunrise

Summer Solstice Sunrise

The summer solstice is the moment when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky and creates the longest day of the year. So why not celebrate summer by trying to see in the longest day?

Find somewhere with a very good view of the eastern sky. A good high hill top works best. Get permission from the local landowner and honestly the best way to do this is to sleep in a simple shelter.

The summer solstice sunrise is generally around 0420am on the 21st June

Set your alarm for just before sunrise on the 21st June, so you have time to wake everyone and make hot drinks. The time for sunrise and sunset depends on where you are in the UK, but the sun generally rises around 04:20am and sets again around 21:30pm.

Have lots of warms clothes and cameras to hand. If it is a beautiful morning, you could get some of the best family portraits ever.

Tip for the photography. Put the rising sun behind your subjects and use a bright flash. Some camera’s have a setting for this automatically.

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The Mighty Eagle Den Kit

The Mighty Eagle Den Kit

Den Making Kit

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