May foraging foods

May foraging foods

What is in season this month

Here are some plants that are in season in May and some common plants to look out for which have really come into season this month.


You can use the leaves in a salad, with a little oil or even a dash of worcester sauce. Add the flowers for a splash of colour!


This is the best time to pick them while they have young shoots. But don’t pick them after the start of June because they start to build up with toxins that can make them become very laxative!

Steam and blanche the leaves and serve like spinach.

Dock Leaves

Really bitter! Cut out the stalks and slice, boil until wilted.

If you want to learn more about foraging you may be interested in this item:

Foraging Kit

Foraging Kit

Foraging Kit

The Mighty Eagle Foraging Kit, is the best way to get you started finding for your own food.

Simple chores like taking the dog out for a walk, can become fine food expeditions. You and your kids can get to chew your way through, blackberries, wild strawberries or Porcine mushrooms. The kit has a fully researched and full colour instruction leaflet, which will get you on your way, and tell you what is in season and when. More Info