Mountaineering with children

Mountaineering with children

Here we show you how to climb a mountain with children

This is a wonderful way to spend a day outdoors, and maybe inspire the next Kenton Cool, Bonnington or Hillary.

When you are in the mountains, don’t underestimate them. The weather changes very quickly in the UK.  One minute you can have amazing sunshine, the next it is pouring down and blowing a gale.

Bear this in mind when you are planing your route before hand. Make sure it is the easiest way and there are no dangers like cliffs or narrow precipes to navigate. After all this is about getting kids to enjoy the outdoors, not scaring them to death or exhausting them to within an inch of the lives.

Basic Equipment

Make sure you have enough warm clothes, waterproofs, snacks and drinks to last a full day. Also make sure you have decent walking trainers or boots, it is very easy to turn an ankle on slippery rock paths, and flips flops won’t do.

Have a first aid kit. Plasters for blisters are essential!

Before you set off

Make sure you tell people where you are going.

Get to the starting point early. It takes much longer to get up a hill than it does to come down.

Be mentally prepared. Have it in your head that this is fun and you will probably be turning back early, especially if the weather turns or people are tired.

Start off at a slow pace and take your time. If you feel that it is all a bit too much, or you are running out of time – like it could be getting dark, or the weather is bad, it is absolutely fine to abandon the climb. Don’t let summit fever creep into a fun day’s activity!

Stop frequently, and enjoy the view.