How to fly a kite

How to fly a kite

Find a big open space or field. Throw up in the air a clump of grass to check the wind direction and strength. If the grass takes to the count of four to get to the ground you have a good wind. Note the direction and place the kite directly down wind of where you are.

One person needs to hold the kite while you get the strings tight. When the strings are tight and the kite starts to pull from the wind, the kite holder lets go and escapes the area.

The pilot needs to pull the strings to make the kite soar. If the kite has two controls, pull them both at the same time. If you pull the left one the kite will spiral left, right will spiral right.

Be gentle with the controls at first until you are used to how the kite handles, then start to perform your tricks such as rolls and dives.

To land your kite, turn it until it is horizontal to the wind direction, it will lose power and float gently to the ground.