How to joint a Pheasant

How to joint a Pheasant

Here is a simple guide to jointing a pheasant. The four quarters produced can be skewered and cooked on an open fire or used in a delicious casserole.

Here we show you the quickest way to prepare a jointed pheasant

To joint a pheasant, put the bird on its back on a chopping board. Carefully pull a leg away from the body and cut through the skin. Bend the leg back to snap the joint. Then cut through the joint to remove the leg from the body. Do the same to the other leg.

To remove the breasts and wings, have the bird breast upwards on the chopping board. Using poultry shears cut through the ribs on both sides by the back bone and remove the back bone and cavity. Next cut down the centre of the breast bone to split the breast in half, leaving you with two breasts and wing.

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