Back story

It all started when…

The idea behind The Mighty Eagle is based firmly in the Wild West of America. When I was 12 years old, my aunt and uncle took me on a road trip – not your normal family holiday, but one where I really experienced new things, had time to think about what I was doing, and for all of the new and cool stuff to sink in.

The trip took us from San Francisco to Seattle through Yellowstone, Death Valley and the wilds of the Western States. We visited Wild West shows and rodeos, I shot guns of all shapes and sizes and fished for trout in freezing glacial rivers in my underwear.

Wild west road trip

Wild west road trip

An early inspiration for The Mighty Eagle was the afternoon I visited the Fort Bridger Trading Post in Wyoming. It was a dark log cabin, a cave of cool things; lassos, pelts, flint strikers, stone arrow tips, bear skins, snow shoes, bows and arrows, Indian head dresses, spears and bear traps. There were so many dangerous things, it was amazing – particularly for a boy from the suburbs.

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